MAXimusSolutions is an established company with a reputation for providing quality services.

Our services are split into three core business streams:

Community Programs

MAXimusSolutions Australia (MSA) Community is comprised of a range of professionals who provide:

For more information, please contact us on 1800 603 503 or email us.

Health Management Solutions

MAXimusSolutions offers a comprehensive range of individual and organisational health services and solutions including: HR consulting services and solutions, psychological services, occupational therapy and physiotherapy services, and OH&S and health promotion services. For more information, please contact our Health team on 1800 104 400 or email us.

Training Solutions

MAXimusSolutions offers a range of quality training solutions designed to meet your needs, from providing tailored programs and services, through to nationally accredited courses, using face-to-face and flexible delivery modes. For more information, please contact our Training team on 1800 021 560 or email us.